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Since its foundation, Balances Universelles Inc. has acquired all the necessary tools, such as a mobile unit offering certified 10 000kg weights to be able to offer solutions tailored to your needs and to meet the demands of our customers who want conclusive results.

At a time when the weighing industry faces significant challenges, we are proud to contribute to the continuous improvement of the quality of our services. Balances Universelles is certified ISO 9001:2008 for its sales department, calibration, repair and refurbishment of weighing products. Our level of expertise has allowed us to be accredited by Weights and Measures Canada. We are able to meet the most demanding quality standards in the industry.


Balances Universelles technicians acquired a skill which allows them to fix any kind of scales. Our service department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any emergencies. Get in touch with us and we will send you a service unit to fix your scale as quickly as possible. All mobile units are equipped with replacement parts and standard weight to ensure that your scales perform like new after our visit.

Repair of truck scale


Our company offers a preventive maintenance service adapted to your needs at very competitive prices. furthermore, you benefit from a preferential rate when calling for interim service. When we do preventive maintenance on your scales, we make first of all a visual inspection to see if there is any anomaly, wear or premature breakings. Thereafter, we check the scales with our weights certified by Measure Canada and calibrate the scales if necessary. All in order to avoid potential breakdowns so your level of production can always stay the same. Do not hesitate to contact one of our technical advisers who will indulge to answer all your questions. Do as the majority of our customers and make the acquisition of a service agreement with Balances Universelles.


Being a specialist in the repair, verification and maintenance of industrial scales, laboratory and commercial scales, calibration is becoming a daily task for our technicians. Regardless of the type or brand of scales, our technicians will be able to calibrate them properly.

We are also accredited by Weights and Measures Canada, we realize the initial inspection of new devices as well as the subsequent inspections of device already in operation. We will apply a seal and you will receive a calibration certificate which will give evidence of the accuracy and reliability of your scales.

Furthermore, if you have standard weights and you are no longer certain of their precision, we offer the service of calibration and repair of these weights. We are able to give a second life to your weight. They will come back to you as new and more accurate than ever.

Repair of truck scale


Balances Universelles highly trained technicians who have the qualifications to install any type of scales. Small as well as big projects, nothing scares them. All having many years of experience, the installation of scales has no secret for them.

Repair of truck scale


Need a scale for a project of limited duration? Balances Universelles will find you the scale you need. We offer a wide range of products for rent:

  • Truck Scales
  • Weigh-Pads
  • Floor Scales
  • Precision Scales
  • Hanging Scales
  • Even more

Get in touch with us and we will provide you more information so you can realize all your projects.


We offer a program for your needs. Our professional in programming are able to tailor-made programs for any types of businesses. Our programs are simple, easy to use, and can meet your needs. We are able to set up programs for data storage or for printing labels. we are able to customize your labels. We make them custom and unique to your business:

Repair of truck scale
  • # of lot
  • Date of production
  • Date/Time
  • Barcode
  • Logo
  • Produits
  • Nuritilized values
  • Indredients
  • Preemption date
  • And more



Balances Universelles has for objective to find the best available products to meet the needs of its customers and all at competitive prices. In addition to building many of their merchandise, Balances Universelles is partnered with the best suppliers of scales to offer reliable and long-lasting products. Our vast range of products wil meet your needs in all domains.

Do not hesitate to contact us, our trained representatives will advise you to find the best available product that will suit your needs.


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