Truck Scale Repair Company in Montréal

Balances Universelles, in Montérégie, handles your truck scale repairs.

Safe truck scale repairs

Our technicians master all the processes involved in the reparation of truck scales. We have mobile units equipped with replacement parts and standard weights. Regardless of the model and make of the equipment or the extent of the issue, we guarantee safe and secure work. Our service area extends throughout the North and South Shore of Montreal.

Truck Scale Repair Montreal

We are equipped with replacement parts and standard weights

North Shore Truck Scale Repair

Multi-skilled technicians at your service

We intervene quickly to repair your weighing equipment on a 24/7 basis. As multi-skilled technicians, we can also refurbish floor scales, precision balances, counting and suspended balances. Upon completion, we ensure that the equipment is fully functional. In addition to reparation work, we are also able to calibrate truck scales.

The scale will be fully functional once we have completed our task.

We repair various makes of truck scales:

Balances Universelles Inc CAMBRIDGE
Balances Universelles Inc SARTORIUS
Balances Universelles Inc INTERCOMP
Balances Universelles Inc KILO TECH

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Balances Universelles Inc
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