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Since 2002, Balances Universelles Inc. has specialized in industrial weighing equipment. Our company is made up of dedicated individuals with several years of combined experience in the weighing industry. Our team works hard every day to meet all your weighing needs.

As the weighing industry continues to evolve, Balances Universelles Inc. strives to continuously improve the quality of our services and products.

Balances Universelles Inc. is ISO 9001 certified to sell, calibrate, repair and refurbish all types of weighing equipment. Our company is also accredited by Measurement Canada to perform inspections under the Weights and Measures Act.

Thanks to the reputation and expertise of our employees, we’ve partnered with renowned manufacturers to become your go-to distributor. We offer high-quality equipment and services that exceed our customers’ expectations. Over the years, we’ve worked hard to become one of the most well-known weighing solution companies in Quebec.

Precision is what we do!

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