Balances Universelles Inc. truck scales are made and designed in Quebec to withstand the harsh Canadian climate. Our unique design integrates advanced engineering and production technology to offer you a high-quality weighing system.

Balances Universelles Inc. truck scales have rugged, welded steel structures that offer the lowest load deflection on the market. This ensures increased accuracy and long-lasting calibrations. Each module is made of 8 oversized 12″ “H” channels joined by 5/8” endplates. The top of each deck is covered with standard 3/8” anti-skid plates for superior durability. Suggested option: ½” anti-skid plates for heavy-duty welded steel structures.

Load cell wiring protection is provided by a conduit system concealed under the deck to prevent weather and pest damage.

We repair and service all types of scales in our workshop

On top of the overvoltage protection provided by the summation box, each cell assembly is equipped with two one-inch high-density insulators. The protection system is completed using a grounding circuit (MAT rod not included) which ensures optimal protection of the electronic components.

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